Paperguysmall Dooby Dummy
Type Original
Author Name Most_Mysterious
Origin Pencil Whipped
Graphics Origin original
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2004
Version 0.8, August 27th, 2004
Mugen Version winMUGEN

A Dooby Dummy is a common opponent encountered in Lonnie "ChiselBrain" Flickinger's Pencil Whipped, an indie proof-of-concept First Person Shooter notable for it's completely hand drawn aesthethics. He's been made into a custom character by Most_Mysterious in 2004, being one of the author's earliest releases alongside Dink Smallwood. Among the author's earlier characters he's considered one of the more tougher ones in both his AI and design choices at the time.


Dooby Dummy is a mostly physical fighter (although he does have few projectile attacks) is quick, has long physical range and has an advantage of disjointed hitboxes, granting his attack infinite priority, making him a real tough opponent for characters with no projectiles.

Inspired by Guilty Gear boss characters, particularly AoAo's conversion of Sol Badguy, defeating a single round of him grants him a ring of power that allows the AI to attack before the actual round would start, as well as a shrimp bus showing up whenever Dooby would get a signifficant health disadvantage under his opponent.


Short Rage
Command Charge BFPlusP
Description An advancing double one-two punches with rather low recovery time.
Plasma Heads
Command QCBPlusKA
Properties Projectiles
Description Dooby Dummy kicks out lots of Apocalypse heads.
Tiger Kick
Command QCBPlusKB
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown
Description Dooby Dummy shoots out a Venom Strike-like projectile that starts out backwards but accelerates, dealing multiple hits.
Flying Axe
Command FDDFPlusP
Properties Knockdown
Description Dooby Dummy does a fast spinning hammer punch.
Downward Axe
Command mid-air,QCFPlusP
Properties Overhead
Description A descending variant of the Flying Axe.
Lightning Fist
Command PPP
Description Dooby Dummy does a Chun-Li style rapid fist mash attack.
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Invincibility Frames
Description Dooby Dummy disappears in a mist of explosive gas that puts his opponents to sleep while teleporting into a random position.

Super Moves

Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites at least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Dooby Dummy dashes in and on hit does an auto-combo. It is one of safer moves on block as on block he goes into his idle stance right away. It has a level 2 variant which makes the move basically his own variation on the Raging Demon.
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites at least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Dooby Dummy does a punch that knocks the opponent to the wall until (s)he'd get juggled by another Dooby Dummy coming out from the side. Has a level 2 version that on hit it instead goes into level 1 Power assisted with another Dooby Dummy appearing behind the opponent and doing the same super move like it's Darkness Illusion.
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites at least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown, Throw, Life drain
Description Dooby Dummy does a simple punch that on hit proceeds to drain his opponent. It's basically Dooby's own version of The Midnight Bliss
Command QCBQCBPlusK
Prerequisites at least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown, Projectiles
Description Dooby Dummy shoots out lots of beams out of his kicks.
Command QCFHCBPlusP
Prerequisites Three power stocks
Properties Knockdown, Projectiles
Notes The move is not listed on the character's readme.
Description Dooby Dummy dissapears and a swarm of IronMugen's Tiger Woods drawings come in, knocking the opponent high up on hit.
Matrix Mode
Command PZPlusKC
Prerequisites Three power stocks
Notes The move is not listed on the character's readme.
Description Dooby activates a timed mode that slows down time (with no buffering provided which makes the opponent's controls trickier) and makes his attacks unblockable for some strange reason. It lasts until the power runs out or when Dooby would get hit.


  • ChiselBrain, the actual creator of the Pencil Whipped game is aware of the Dooby character being present while stumbling into a Mugen video featuring him.[1]


  1. The comments section of Makoto Sawatari (me) vs Dooby Dummy by Ampchu