Tndinksmall Dink Smallwood
Author Name The_None
Origin Dink Smallwood
Graphics Origin original
AI? yes
Date of first public release March 25th, 2017
Version Part I, March 25th, 2017
Mugen Version winMUGEN, 1.0 and 1.1 def files available

Dink Smallwood is the titular protagonist of the budget action role-playing game of the same name, who has been converted by the second time by the author known as The_None. This character demonstrates quite a huge leap in both presentation and design when compared to the previous attempt at making this character by the author back then known as Most_Mysterious. The author promises an ambitious scope in the character to feature two movesets in a similar manner of the author's own Possessed Heita, but due to the protacted development time The_None released the character with the single moveset on March 25th of 2017, with further development to continue.

Biography Edit

The backstory found on the character's readme implies this incarnation's story sort of picks up from where the his previous version's story left off. To recap, he got abducted out of his home realm by Thanos, and went on to join the Mugen tournament to secure funds for a realm traveling machine. He once eventually won the tournament and was about to come back into his own realm but the calibration processed got sabotaged and Dink went back in time into World War II. Now an ageless immortal, Dink went through various adventures to pass time until the next opportunity to get back home would arrive, altho' a matter of whenever he would keep on his priorities is unclear.

Gameplay Edit

Contrasting the old Most_Mysterious version, this take on the character features a more SNK-slanted gameplay. The author stated that in the future the character would get two fighting styles coming with their own punch attacks, special and super moves. The BUST style the character is released with is mostly themed around magic and physical abilities.

Notable moves Edit

Command QCFP (also mid-air)
Properties Projectile
Description A typical fireball attack. Button strength decides the projectile's travel speed. The cooldown for the move lasts around as long as the opponent's hitstun/blockstun.
Rising Knee
Command FDDFK
Properties Knockdown
Description A Tiger Knee style attack for which Dink can add an axe kick by pressing one more kick button. Button strengths changes the angle of the attack, with KA having more forward momentum and KB having more upwards.
Duck Channel
Command QCBP (also mid-air)
Properties Knockdown, projectile immunity
Description Dink jumps forward and flies like a duck, flapping his arms like they're wings. Button strength determines the travel distance.
Magik Kick
Command QCFK
Properties Low blockable (first KA attack), Knockdown (followups)
Description Dink begins his Rekka series with a simple kick, with the button strength deciding the angle, block level, range and damage of the kick. It can be followed up with further moves:
  • Roundpinhouse ( QCFK ) - Dink performs the roundhouse kick that pins the opponent into the wall on hit, allowing further juggles. Unusually for rekka style-attacks this step can be skipped
  • Jackson Slide ( QCFP ) - Dink does a Jax-style sliding punch that slams the opponent through the ground. The move has a bigger hitbox compared to the kick before it but is harder to juggle from
Style Switch Attack
Command QCBKB
Properties Overhead, Knockdown
Description As of this revision of the character this move has Dink do a winded hook that slams opponents on hit. The name implies the move would switch between styles.

Super Moves Edit

Bow Lore
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Properties Projectile, Collapse, Knockdown
Description Dink draws a bow and shoots from it after releasing the button. The button strength determines the bow's initial angle and can be aimed with up/down directions. The arrow can end up being low blockable if aimed low enough or score a "headshot" for extra damage if aimed correctly.
Acid Rain
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Properties Projectile, Overhead
Description Dink casts a waterfall in front of him.
Style Switch Super
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Dink does a sliding rush punching through his opponent, then magnetizing his sword behind him.
Papa Duck
Prerequisites At least 2 power stocks
Properties Projectile, Unblockable
Description The infamous super from the old version returns after few adjustments. Dink lifts his arm as a duck comes out of the backpack to support it's takeoff to summon a giant Mallard drake. Much like before the summon can be stopped by killing the duck before it flies offscreen, either by directly hitting it or hitting Dink before the duck takes off, causing it to fall to the floor and splat.
Prerequisites At least 3 power stocks
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown
Description Dink summons nuclear explosions in front of him.

Trivia Edit

  • During one of the author's previous attempts at respriting the character Balthazar was generous enough to produce a single sprite to help him, and since then The_None was doing sprites based on Balthazar's one using the same techniques he developed sprites with for his Beavis, Butt-Head and Clippit characters.[1]

References Edit

  1. - Mugen Fighters Guild forum - T_N's long and rocky road thread

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