Mmdinksmall Dink Smallwood
Author Name Most_Mysterious
Origin Dink Smallwood
Graphics Origin original
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2004
Version 0.7c, October 30th, 2004
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Dink Smallwood refers to the cocky pig farmer turned hero who is the protagonist of a comedic Zelda-like Role Playing game named after the character. He's been very loosely converted by Most_Mysterious who debuted into the mugen community with this character. As the author wasn't much graphically skilled until around nine years later, the mugen character only vaguely resembles his source counterpart by the colors of his outfit. Despite the gameplay being rather unrefined compared to the mugen creations the author would produce in the later years of his tenure, Most_Mysterious have already managed to secure a small cult following, partly by the off-beat "so bad it's good" like charm.


The character's intro storyboard initially begins as an reentactment of how the original game began, until Dink makes a reference to a now-defunct site and suddenly gets transported to another realm by Thanos. Landing on a garbage bin, he gets redirected to a corporation that manufactures machines that allow their users to travel between realms. The corporation - somehow already aware of Dink's otherwordly origin - cite finacial problems and redirects Dink to a fighting tournament that would allow the corporation to produce another machine as long as Dink can win it.


Dink is a tall character cappable of dealing at least 20% of damage with simple bread'n'butter combos as the author did not discover the damage scaling mechanic back when he did this character. He also has a large assortment of projectile attacks at his disposal, ranging from fireballs, bombs, boomerang-like axes and ducks. As the author didn't knew what would be too much of anything, he comes equipped with a striker system and even an instant kill system.

Notable moves

All of the special moves listed here have EX variants, which are done by pressing the "fierce" button strength in the command (e.g. QCFPZ) and require 1 power stock.

Command QCFP
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Projectile, Knockdown (EX version)
Description An otherwise standard fireball attack that flies a bit downwards of an angle to assist hitting smaller opponents.

The PZ version produces a Super Fireball that does multiple hits and flies straight forward

Someone set up us a bomb
Command QCBP
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Projectile, Knockdown, Unblockable
Description Dink tosses a bomb that explodes after a while, with the button strength dictating how far the toss is. The explosion is unblockable and can hurt Dink himself as well.

The PZ version produces a Small nuclearity. It is basically a larger bomb with a larger explosion.

De Palcowa
Command FDDFP
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Knockdown
Description Dink flips the bird, knocking down the opponent with said bird.

The PZ version produces a Super F-U, which has Dink flip the bird with a large hand.

Rising Knee
Command QCFK
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Knockdown
Description Dink does a rising knee that is followed by another kick in the KB. That being said it's more beneficial to use the KA due to low recovery time in addition to how little juggle points it uses.

The KC version produces a completely different Carycatomy, which has Dink jump high up, spinning rapidly.

Command QCBP
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Projectile, mid-air Knockdown, Unblockable (EX version)
Description Dink frees a duck to fly in a wavy fashion for a while before returning back to dink while dealing multiple hits throrough the flight. While not too powerfull on it's own, with the low enough recovery time Dink can attack alongside the duck, making the move usually much more beneficial to use compared to the standard fireball with only few drawbacks (not to effective when used point-blank to the cornered opponent, and the opponent can kill the duck - not the easiest feat taking the duck's priority into account - effectively disabling the move for a while until a message about a new duck pops up).

The KC version produces the now infamous (and errorneusly named) Big Mother Ducker, which has Dink free a Duck that flies up, summoning a giant mallard drake from behind the opponent that rams through the opponent for huge unblockable damage. The only way the move can be really avoided is to kill the duck before it reaches the top of the screen.

Command BFP
Prerequisites 1 power stock (EX version)
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Dink throws an axe that hits twice, comes back in a boomerang-like fashion and can be steered mid-flight with vertical directions. The axe still persists even after Dink gets hit out of the move, and wouldn't dissapear until it returns to Dink's position. Dink himself instantly goes to his idle state as soon as the axe goes back to him.

The PZ version produces a Wacky Axe, that bounces around the screen a few times before returning to Dink.

Super Moves

All of the supers require 3 power stocks unless noted.

Pancho de Ex-Inferiso
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Dink delivers a straight punch that on hit freezes time, allowing Dink to go around his opponent and deliver another straight punch from behind.
Star Platinum
Command HCBFP
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description The move having nothing to do with Jotaro's stand aside, Dink shoots out a shining star from his finger at the opponent's feet.
Deadly Reversal
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Counter, Knockdown
Description A counter super that has Dink standing here with a bomb strapped to his chest. Having the opponent hit the torso area would subject the opponent to be treated to a still image of a nuclear explosion, dealing massive damage to both Dink and his opponent.
Untouchable with stars
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown
Description A very loose intrepetation of Shining Crystal Bit, Dink turns around and has shining sparkles fly around him, dealing massive continous damage when they touch the opponent.
Quad Damage
Command DDDP
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Damage boost
Description Dink gains a temporary double damage boost, allowing him to deal massive damage with his combos.
Acid Rain
Command BDDBPZ
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Properties Projectile, Knockdown, large hitpause, unblockable
Notes Curiously, this move is unlisted in the readme
Description This curiously unlisted move has Dink summon a cloud of acid that sprinkle raindrops below.


  • The author - now known as The_None has expressed interest in completely remaking this character at least a few times. One of such hints is a redrawing attempt he did in 2007[1], which was used few years later in an intropose of the author's most recent Omega Tiger Woods update. The author would finally follow through the attempt to overhaul the character in March 2017.
  • His readme states that his bird fliping special move is "Technicaly similar to: Super from one of my chars (Eric Cartman for instance)", hinting that he was developing the South Park character at one point. As the author lost the data in a hard drive crash however[2], nothing of the character survived beyond an intropose used in Omega Tiger Woods.


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