Dbksmall Dee Bee Kaw
D.B.Kaw's portrait, edited from a frame of Robert Garcia as he apeared in the Art of Fighting OVA
Type Original
Author Name The_None
Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2011
Version October 16th, 2011
Mugen Version Separate winMUGEN and 1.0 versions

Dee Bee Kaw is an original character conceived by The_None, first released for the April Fools of 2011. A throwback to the author's roots as Most_Mysterious, the character is partly based on the author's early attempt to make a mugen character in 2003.[1] Both the released and unreleased character are Eli headswaps (the released character being authorized by XCB) that greatly diverge from the base to the point of sharing nothing much in common aside of sharing the MS-Paint Robert Garcia homage outfit with different colors.

Although the author looks back on the character with mixed feelings stemming from balacing issues[2], Dee Bee Kaw nonetheless serves as a landmark in his author's tenure, paving the way for the number of mechanics and tricks the author has been applying into his future work since, one of which includes the juggle system which has moves take up the limited pool of the engine's juggle point system only after they've been juggled into in a combo (super moves are extempt from using juggle points), in an attempt to enforce creativity with performing longer juggle combos.


Dee Bee Kaw is a rather versatile rushdown character that uses an amalgamation of moves from different games, while nonetheless having a unique playstyle of his own. His vast variety of moves provides him plenty of tactical options that allow him to be rather unpredictable as well as racking off huge combos. Properly utilizing his abilities makes him a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by his AI behaviour.

Proper use of his moves is a key to DBK's success however, as not only some of the moves come with some risk, the character has two weaknesses he may have to look out for. One of which involves the so called Neurotic Gauge, which is a variation of a dizzy meter that rises up whenever DBK attacks in addition of getting hit. Furthermore, on a value from 20% the gauge has an effect of randomly altering his basic attacks, with the higher value giving bigger chance for an alternate basic move to come out. These alternate basic moves are usually distinct enough from the moves they'd replace at random that these would potentially either aid or hinder his current combo. With the gauge filling up more the longer combo DBK would be in, the Neurotic Gauge gives him a rather poor match-up against quick hitting, combo-heavy characters that can render him helpless by putting him into an infinite dizzy loop with progression after progression of lenghty chains. Narayan Maxime is a textbook example of a difficult matchup for Dee Bee Kaw.

Most of the DBK's ability to manage this meter relies on a move that allows him to reset the gauge by taking a pill, provided the meter is above 20%.

Dee Bee Kaw is also a rare The_None character with a guard break system that limits his ability to guard against many consecutive hits, forcing him to rely on dodging and other tactics in case a limb of his would about to snap off.


Command Moves

Nod Ya Head
Command FPlusPY
Properties Overhead, Ground Bounce
Description DBK takes a bow in his own way, slamming the opponent with a headbutt.
Trivia * Named after a Will Smith song
  • Based on a move the original unreleased 2003 character had
Rising Knee
Command FPlusPZ
Properties Knockdown
Description DBK does a rising knee attack that can be canceled into other aerial attacks on hit.
Trivia Based on a move the original unreleased 2003 character had
Backflip #611
Command mid-air, UPlusPY
Properties Knockdown
Description DBK does a sommersault kick that knocks opponents upward on hit. This move also causes DBK to fall clumsily if it's blocked.
Le Finnegan
Command PZ from a close crouching PY or running.
Properties Overhead
Description DBK does a cartwheel-like attack that gives him a sizable frame advantage on hit.
Grabbin' Peelz
Command DPlusStart
Description DBK gulps up a pill to reset his Neurotic Gauge. When done with the gauge not high enough (below 20%), the move has a side effect of leaving DBK in a stunned state.
The Drive
Command KA
Properties Invincibility against non-hyper projectiles during the speed part
Description One of the more crucial moves in his repertoire, DBK transforms into a fist for a speeding dash attack in a direction determined by direction held. He can do it forward, at upwards/downwards '45 angles, after a backdash or by plummeting into ground level then forward. Just as important are his brakes that can lessen the moves by being done at any time - including the hitpause - before bouncing off. PX has him brake in place, PY has him pass through the opponent and PZ has him rise up a little.
Trivia Based on Taokaka from BlazBlue series and her own Drive Attack.

Special Moves

Command DUPlusP
Properties Knockdown, Projectile, invincibility frames, jump cancelable on hit
Notes EX-version available
Description DBK launches an image of Old Joseph Joestar into the skies. The button strength determines the distance DBK travels before launching the projectile. The EX version is a multi-hit attack that has him transform into Kanji.
Trivia Inspired by a video by Jesuszilla
Pro at Bo
Command 360PlusP
Properties Throw, Unblockable at point-blank, Knockdown, Wall Bounce, invincibility frames (EX version only).
Notes EX-version available
Description A command throw that on contact has DBK "shoot" his opponent into a wall like a bow and arrow. PX grabs instantly, PY has the largest frame hit window and PZ has him advance a bit before grabbing. The EX-version of the move makes him invincible through the move.
Trivia Based on a move the original unreleased 2003 character had
Genei Kyaku
Command QCBPlusP (also on air.)
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce (aerial EX version only)
Notes EX-version available
Description DBK does a series of kicks that on hit traps his opponent into a dozen-hit beatdown, followed by a knee. PX version has him start kicking right away, PY has him advance a bit before kicking, while PZ has him add a kick before doing the fast flurry. The ground EX version turns this move into a Houyoku Sen that is jump cancelable on the final hit. The aerial EX version gives wallbounce properties to every kick.
Maherl Bomb
Command HCFPlusP(or KA)
Properties Overhead, invincibility frames, OTG.
Notes EX-version available
Description DBK inflates his belly and jumps into a position determined by a button, with KA having him jump backwards. An additional bounce can be made with a timed press of an attack button as soon as he first hits the ground, and holding the horizontal direction sets the direction DBK would bounce off the ground into. The EX-version has him jump high and just drop right onto the opponent's position.
Rocket Jumping
Command DDPlusKA
Properties Knockdown, hits low, OTG.
Description DBK pulls out his rocket launcher and does a rocket jump, launching himself and possibly his opponent in a blast from which he can follow up with an aerial attack.
Beartrap Condurum
Command DDPlusPX
Properties Hits low, trap, stun, friendly fire
Description The closest thing for a projectile attack that doesn't consume power, DBK pulls a beartrap out of his sleeve and pushes it a bit. The beartrap renders anyone - including DBK himself - unlucky enough to get caught by it vulnerable for an attack (alternatively it would also buy DBK some time to take up his pills).
Command DDPlusPY
Properties Hits low, OTG, super cancellable
Description DBK pulls out an uzi and fires a few shots at the ground.
Bangy Bangy
Command DDPlusPZ
Properties Super cancellable
Description DBK headbangs - despite being otherwise depicted with short hair - for at least as long as PZ is held (not longer than a single second though).

Super Moves

Inch Shaking
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Hits low, knockdown, OTG
Description DBK does a slide kick that on hit turns into a dance set to an NES-styled rendition of Dschinghis Khan's disco hit Moskau.
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Varies
Description DBK does a projectile attack. What kind of projectile is launched depends on a randomized selection that can be rerolled with a press of an attack button during the superpauses. The possible projectiles launched with this move are the following:
  • Shinkuu Hadouken - a rather standard 5-hit fireball.
  • Kaiser Wave - a huge projectile that puts opponents on wallbounce on hit.
  • Proton Cannon - a giant floating energy weapon that casts a huge multi-hit beam.
  • Thermidor - a slow moving multi-hit green ball projectile.
  • Happy Thanksgiving - a plate of turkey that multiplies itself on every contact.
  • Proton Kanon - a variation of a Proton Cannon that instead shoots out the female cast of the visual novel Kannon as depicted with Eternal Fighter Zero sprites.
  • Punishment For Moving Your Feet - a projectile stylized like "The World" stand that delivers a punch. On hit, DBK performs his own version of Shadow DIO's Punishment super.
  • The XJ220 of Doom - an unblockable speeding representation of the Jaguar XJ220 supercar, with the sprite taken from the licensed Amiga game (think:Omega Tiger Woods's Shrimp Bus).
  • Omega Tiger Woods's head - a head that on hit multiplies by itself until filling the screen with his likeness.
Trivia The anagram of this move's name is "HADOUWHAT"
Throne Room Reject
Command BFBFPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Overhead, OTG, Ground Slam
Description DBK smacks his opponent with a giant stone statue in anger.
Temperature's risin it's gettin hot
Command mid-air,UFDPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Overhead, OTG, Knockdown
Description DBK pummels down to transform into Pyron's pillar form.
Trivia * This move references Tin's infamous Shen Woo conversion, particularly a super move also involving a transformation into a Darkstalkers character.
  • The move is named "FUCKING PYRON MORPH" by the character's super finish text effect.
Brazil Time
Command PXPlusPYPlusPZ
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Description This move grants DBK a bonus of a looser combo system for a period of time dependent on the amount of power he had by the time the move is performed at the cost of the power stock being disabled for the rest of the round.
Hamster Chariot
Command BFBFPlusPP
Prerequisites Two Power Stocks
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce
Description DBK pulls out an oversized hamster and speeds up for an auto-combo attack.
Trivia Based on a move that existed in the character's 2003 precursor.
Command DDPlusPP
Prerequisites Two Power Stocks
Properties Throw, Low-blockable, Knockdown
Description DBK attempts to grab the opponent by one's neck. By the time he does that, he'll get ambushed by Akuma doing his Misogi, followed by a steamroller flattening him, only to be flattened yet again by a giant Pepsi can, with the move finally ending in an explosion from Dudley's rose.
Trivia * The anagram of the move's name is "ULTIMATE CLUSTERFUCK", being also a name that is displayed when DBK defeats his opponent with this super.
  • Based on an idea by Jesuszilla
  • Alexlexus also appears if the move successfully KO's the opponent.
Shun Goku Hamusuta Satsu
Prerequisites Three Power Stocks
Properties Throw, Knockdown
Description A variation of the ever ubiquitous Raging Demon, DBK proceeds to glide past his opponent. The opponent, curious about why DBK wouldn't grab him/her will then get ambushed by oversized hamsters. Then, Onslaught with a hamster head comes out of the darkness and proceeds to beat the living snot out of him/her. If this move KO's the opponent, a bonus clip will play.
Trivia Based on a move that existed in the character's 2003 precursor.


  • Dee Bee Kaw's winpose that has him dress like Kaf Ka - in a reference to a MelvanaInChains video - foreshadowed The_None's future conversion of the Battle Monsters character.


  1. the original release thread in the Mugen Fighters Guild forums. Be aware of the jokey replies by the nature of the character being released in April 1st
  2. The_None's stuff - Elecbyte forums