Davidbellsmall David Bell
As portrayed by Brad Dourif in Spontaneous Combustion
Full sprite of the vehicle
Type Boss
Author Name The_None, with sprites by Balthazar
Origin Spontaneous Combustion
Graphics Origin Original, sprites by Balthazar
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2014
Mugen Version Separate versions for WinMugen, 1.0 and 1.1 included

David Bell is the real identity of the protagonist - reffered mostly to as Sam - of the Tobe Hooper movie Spontaneous Combustion. Portrayed by Brad Dourif in the movie, he's an offspring of parents that took part of an atomic experiment, granting him pyrokinetic powers he can't alway control. He's been made into a Mugen character for the April Fools of 2014, with sprites provided by Balthazar, programmed by The_None.


This boss character is unique in a sense that rather than fighting on foot, David Bell attacks his opponents inside his 1951 Studebaker Commander, with controls more modelled after vehicles. David attacks his opponents with running over/ramming into them as well as casting fire-based spells, with the most powerful of those being available as soon as David's "Rage" meter fills up completely. Although, David has very low defense value (he can be killed with few solid hits), his head serves as the only vurnerable spot, as hitting his car just leads to further filling up his "Rage" meter (in addition to the car's engine performing worse if the front of the car is being damaged). Battles involving this character have the engine's lifebars being optionally replaced with Metal Gear Solid inspired ones.


Command Moving into the opponent onscreen
Properties Knockdown, unblockable, throw (high-speed)
Description One of primary methods of attack. The damage is dependant on the current speed of the car, and on the high enough speed the frontal attack would become a "ramming" attack that can squash the opponent against the wall. (needs to be rewritten with better english)
Turn/wrap around
Command PX or KA
Prerequisites The vehicle must be off-screen
Description These actions allow to either have the car turn around or come from the other suprise for the extra suprise.
Minor combustion
Command PY
Prerequisites The driver should be onscreen
Properties Projectile
Description A burst of fire appears from the car's position and flies into the opponent's position chosen at the start of the burst.
Command KB
Prerequisites The headlamps should be onscreen.
Properties Projectile
Description The front of the car heats up and then shoots a firestream out of the headlamps.
The Phantom Pain
Command PZ
Prerequisites The roof should be visible onscreen
Properties Projectile
Description A firey variant of Venom appears on top of the roof and does a Venom Fang in front of the car.
Trivia One of earlier trailers for Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain involves a hallucination of a whale on fire, which may explain the choice of a name.
Spontaneus Combustion
Command KC
Prerequisites Rage bar to be full, the driver should be onscreen
Properties Throw, fullscreen, knockdown, instant kill
Description An ultimate attack, David gets angry at his opponent and sets him/her on fire, killing him/her instantly.
Trivia The AI - either for balance reasons or because to make better sense with the cutscene of David turning around - only uses the move when the opponent happens to be behind David.


  • Balthazar thought about making a different Brad Dourif character but because of the time constraints he settled on David Bell. This was given a bit of nod in Sentro - another collaboration between The_None and Balthazar - in a rare winpose that has Chucky of Child's Play series come out of Sentro.

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