T8psmall Cyborg T-8P
Type Custom conversion
Author Name The_None
Also converted by Descolor (see here)
Origin Battle K-Road
AI? yes
Date of first public release December 8th, 2010
Version 0.9, December 8th, 2010
Mugen Version winmugen

Cyborg T-8P refers to one of the cyborg Mixed Martial Artists who appear in Psykio's arcade fighting game Battle K-Road, converted to Mugen by The_None in 2010. He follows the author's conversion of Wolf in terms of relatively old-school slant of the gameplay. And much like with the previous character the author plays up the character's resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


T-8P is a slow but powerful character that can deal lots of damage from any point of the screen. His pressure involves punishing the opponent for any opening one would let out. Most of the damage would come from his proper use of freezing projectiles, after which he'd have a free reign in dealing a damaging combo.

T-8P's juggling has a 3 move limit, though few of his moves are extempt from the Juggle limits. His powerbar recharges so fast that coupled with freezing powers he's able to go from no power into a full 100% powerbar in a single combo.


Cyber Palm
Command DBFPlusP
Description A claw slap that can be chained into some of other special moves. T-8P's main combo extender after he already used Cyber Iceball. Button strength decides on the damage and travel distance.
Cyber Shoot
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Description A flying double kick. The button strength determines the travel arc, with the KC version traveling across the screen and only adding a second kick when the first one hits. Useful for propelling across the screen and starting juggles.
Cyber Knee
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties knockdown
Description A rising knee that is mostly useful for extending juggles. Button strength decides on the travel arc, speed and damage, with the KA version only hitting once.
Cyber Upper
Command DUPlusP
Properties knockdown
Description A kind of a lariat that knocks opponents down and grants hitbox immunity to the upper body half. Button strength determines the ratio between lag time and damage.
Cyber Backhand
Command HCBPlusP
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce, Super Armor, Guard Break (PZ version)
Description A backhand that wires opponents on hit. Button strength affects the startup time, the recovery time, the size of the attack box and hit velocity, with unusualy PY dealing the most damage. The PZ version is particularly useful for fishing for super armor hits as well as punishing turtling opponents.
Cyber Iceball
Command HCFPlusP
Properties Projectile, Freezes and resets opponents
Description T-8P throws out a projectile that freezes opponents on hit, allowing further combos. The velocity of the projectile is affected by the button strength used in the command. T-8P is able to cancel the move into Cyber Shoot, which would either cause the iceball to blow up (KA and KB versions) or do a KC version of Cyber Shoot with an icycle on his leg - sort of inspired by BlazBlue's Jin Kisaragi's infamous Ice Cars - , increasing the damage. T-8P can only perform the move once in a single combo.

Super Moves

Last Action Hero
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites a full power stock
Properties Knockdown, invincibility frames
Description A rushing four hit super combo.
Trivia named after the movie of the same name
Hercules in New York
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites a full power stock
Properties Counter, Knockdown
Description T-8P's counter attack. When hit, he kicks the opponent.
Trivia named after the movie of the same name
The Self-Terminator
Command QCBQCBPlusK
Prerequisites a full power stock
Properties Knockdown, invincibility frames, projectiles, OTG
Description Similar to a German Explosion, this super has T-8P blow up, only to be reassemble soon thereafter.
Collateral Damage
Command during Grapple, DBUF
Prerequisites a full power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description T-8P "fires" the opponent attached to the detached arm, exploding on impact.
Trivia named after the movie of the same name

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