Clippitsmall Clippit
Type Original
Author Name The_None
Origin Microsoft Office
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2016
Mugen Version Separate winMUGEN, 1.0 and 1.1 versions

Clippit (more commonly known as Clippy) is an anthropomorphic paperclip who was a default Office Assistant in series of Microsoft Office products, starting on MS Office 97. An attempt to make this character into Mugen by Most_Mysterious[1] managed to enjoy a kind of a following despite not being release for a long time, being requested a number of times to be completed even after the original incarnation was lost in a hard drive failure. The author - now known as The_None at this point - would eventually revisit this character and finally release him on April 1st of 2016.


Clippy is cappable of pulling off some really nasty setups with assists of his buddy Coppy from tumblr.

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Special Moves

Command FDDFPlusK
Properties Projectile, Unreversable (Initial attack and the poke), Knockdown
Description Clippit shoves a part of himself into the ground which then has said part come out of the ground at a position dictated by button strength. Before Clippit would pull back he would then either poke with the extension with P or shove the rest of himself deep through the ground into the position of the extension, launching himself (and the opponent on hit).
Head-on Collision
Command QCFPlusP (also mid-air)
Properties Knockdown, Overhead (down angle version)
Description Clippy charges "head"first in an angle depending on the button strength.
Command QCBPlusK (also on air)
Properties Knockdown
Description Clippit freaks out and does a Hurricane Kick-style attack. Button strength dictates the direction the move goes, with the KA.gif having him travel backwards, KB.gif doing the move in horizontal place and KC.gif having him go forwards.
Trivia The name stands for These Fucking Iguanas On My Coffee Table, in a nod to Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Command HCFPlusK
Properties Throw, knockdown, counter-mashable
Description A command throw that on hit has Clippit trap his opponent into his "folder form", from which he can either drain the opponent's health (hold P), power (hold K) or do a buster finish (tap U). Note that the opponent can mash out of the move with timed button mashing.
Coppy Assist
Command QCBPlusP (also on air)
Prerequisites Coppy not being on-screen already
Properties Striker, Knockdown (enter hit), Projectile (LP), Throw (MP), Reversal (HP)
Description Clippit calls for an assist from Coppy, an antromorphic photocoppier that graced Tumblr on the April Fools day of 2015. After arriving at the scene, it will then proceed to do a task depending on the command used to call him:
  • PX version : Has him print out few papers at the opponent.
  • PY version : An anti-air, has him cast a light out of his glass which would trap the opponent into getting "Coppied" oneself.
  • PZ version : Has Coppy bulk himself, reflecting attacks aimed at him.

Super Moves

Maximum Caperclip
Command QCFPlusPXPlusPY (also mid-air)
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Clippit dashes headfirst into the ceiling and bounces all over the place like it's a cracked up version of Maximum Spider.
Command QCBPlusPXPlusPY (also mid-air)
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Overhead, Knockdown
Description Clippit dons a magic hat and drops MS Office logos onto the opponent in a matter similar to Blackheart's Armageddon super.
Combat Evolved
Command QCFPlusKAPlusKB
Prerequisites Two power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Clippit delivers a headbutt which on hit will have him take the form of the MA5B assault rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved and shoot at the opponent, then finish the super by dashing into them headfirst.
Last Stand
Command While laying down (or in the first few frames of getting up animation), PXPlusPYPlusPZ
Prerequisites Three power stocks
Properties Projectile
Description Clippy pulls out The Chicken From Outer Space's ray gun and attempts to zap the opponent in a spiteful way.



An image of Clippit from the author's Logical Bends site that would redirect users to the Adamlexus page.

  • Four years before releasing the real character, the author pulled an April Fools prank by "releasing" the character, in that hovering on his thumbnail would display an image of Clippit advising the users to redirect to the Adamlexus page.[2]
  • Before being released as a full character, Clippit had a cameo in one of Dink Smallwood's instant kills as well as in one of Omega Tiger Woods's intros.


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