Tnbuttheadsmall Butt-Head
One of randomized idle stances
Type Original
Author Name The_None
Origin Beavis & Butt-Head
Graphics Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release November 26th, 2014
Mugen Version Seperate winmugen, 1.0 and 1.1 defs

Butt-Head by The_None is a custom sprited Mugen conversion of Butt-Head from Mike Judge's Beavis & Butt-Head series. Much like the author's own conversion of Beavis, this conversion is also made with the use of original sprites and is similarly acclaimed. [1]



Command Moves

Is This It
Command FPlusPX,PX
Description Butt-Head brings out his Butt-Scratcher and uses it like it's a Sabre.
Here Comes The Hammer
Command FPlusKA
Properties Overhead and knockdown (if used raw)
Description Butt-Head brings out and swings with his hammer.

Special Moves

You Fucking People Make Me Sick
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile
Notes Can be also done mid-air
Description Butt-head's spits out a "loogie". The move can be charged up by holding the button for a bigger loogie spit. The button strength in the command determines how fast would the loogie travel.
Stranger Than Fishin
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce
Notes Can be also done mid-air
Description Butt-Head brings out a fishing rod to attach to a ceiling so he would deliver a swing kick in a matter similar to Spider-Man's web swing. The damage the move deals is dependent on when the move would hit since the first frame in the hit window.
Useful Idiot
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Counter, cancelable on "hit"
Description Butt-Head almost hits himself in a region and directs the blow at the opponent that is about to hit the region. PX version has him almost punch himself in the crotch and counters attacks that hit lower than the waist region, while the PY has him fake hitting himself in the face and counters from waist up. After the sucesfull counter it can be canceled into anything.
The Dead Angle Which It Continues Showing
Command HCFPlusK
Prerequisites A dropped chainsaw must not be on-screen
Properties Knockdown
Description Butt-Head rotates his entire body with the exception of his back leg in 360 degrees in a similar matter to Reiko's move in Mortal Kombat 4, causing a bit of a pain in his neck in the process.
Command mid-air, KAPlusKB
Properties Projectile (when canceled out of)
Description Butt-Head brings out a pogo stick and does jumps on it, either on the ground or on the enemy. With the horizontal directions he can steer the direction of the jump and he can also jump off the Pogo stick, with the stick then acting as a projectile. He can only bounce on the ground a number of times until the pogo would break off.

Super Moves

Let There Be Rock
Command QCFPlusQCFPlusP
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectiles, knockdown (burger and the fan)
Description Butt-Head flips a burger into a fan to spill out pieces around the area under it, with the position of the fan determined by the button strength of the command. The burger can also launch the opponent into the fan on contact, and the fan itself can hit the opponent as well. Keep in mind the fan is always attached to the top of the screen regardless of the vertical camera position.
Jean Gary Diablo
Command QCFPlusQCFPlusK
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Boost, Super-Armor (if not canceled out of the animation)
Notes Can be also done mid-air
Description Butt-head gets inspired by a movie poster he saw at a cinema and gains a temporary boost similar to the X-Factor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, that grants him buffs to his attack speed, damage, comboability and resets the damage scaling on start-up. It can last from 5 to 9 seconds depending on Butt-Head's health at the start of the boost.
Penis I See
Command QCBPlusQCBPlusK
Prerequisites Two power stock
Properties Knockdown, Throw
Description Butt-Head attempts to kick his opponent in the crotch, resulting in a closeup of the kick shall he suceed in it. On a missed hit the move has tremendous amount of recovery time.
Here It Goes Again
Command QCBPlusQCFPlusK
Prerequisites Three power stock
Properties Knockdown, hits low
Description Butt-Head does a Sub-Zero style slide kick which puts his opponent onto a Treadmill that would appear out of nowhere. The hapless victim would then get launched full-speed into Coach Buzzcut's Gym, to be launched back into the match with Buzzcut's devastating off-screen punch.

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  1. Character of the Month november voting thread at Mugen Fighters Guild forums.