Brian Griffin
Brian's in-game sprite
Author Name Unknown Creator
Updated By [IN]famous
Origin Family Guy
AI? Yes ([IN]famous' version)
Date of first public release 2011? (Earliest known date)
Version 1.0 by [IN]famous (2012)
Mugen Version Winmugen
 Brian Griffin is a character from the animated television show Family Guy. He was ported into M.U.G.E.N by the author Unknown Creator, and was later updated by [IN]famous.

Background/Differing Versions

Unknown Creator's original Brian was a very poor spriteswap of PoisonBerry by TheIranSonic. He originally was designed with basic normal attacks. The updated version by [IN]Famous gave Brian supers, a Stewie assist, and a better array of special attacks. However, he's just a spriteswap of V-Ism Kung Fu Man.

SaltyBet originally used Unknown Creator's version, however, with the latest roster update, [IN]Famous' version has appeared. 


  • One of the biggest SaltyBet upsets happened in a match between Brian and Marrow. The betting odds were 200+:1 in favor of Marrow. However, it turned out that said Marrow was an inferior version of the one most viewers were used to. As a result, Brian won and caused a massive upset.