Bluestreaksmall Bluestreak
Type Original
Author Name Diepod (character concept), Jesuszilla (coding)
Also converted by SD Bluestreak, sprited by Diepod and Balthazar coded by Johnny916
Origin On-development White Eyes by Diepod
Gameplay Origin Capcom vs. SNK 2
Graphics Origin Original
AI? No
Date of first public release December 31, 2013
Version February 3, 2013
Mugen Version 1.0

Bluestreak (no relation to a Transformers character) is an original character conceived, sprited and voiced by Diepod, coded into Capcom vs. SNK 2 gameplay style by Jesuszilla, first released in the end of 2012. This black electricity-based shapeshifting superhero is part of Diepod's White Eyes comic project which as of this revision of the article remains in the concept phase.


As a preteen, Bluestreak was involved in a bus crash, causing the mysterious disappearance of 5 children. Later he found himself tied to machinery along side 4 other classmates. He had been randomly selected as a guinea pig for secret super soldier experiments. The plan was to return the children with no powers or memory of the incident a few days later. All of that went up in smoke when Blue and the others awoke and wrecked the laboratory. Perhaps they should have been kept separated.

Years later as a young man, Bluestreak (as he named himself) and his fellow lab rats play at being heroes. Though he has to deal with his anger clouding his judgement and his own doubt. He may one day be a great super hero. [1]

Notable Moves

Spinning Back Knuckle
Command FPlusPZ
Description An alternate to the standing fierce punch that deals less damage but comes out kicker and is safer.
Low Roundhouse
Command FPlusKB
Description An alternate of standing forward kick that hits mid level rather than head level.
Loop Kick
Command FPlusKC
Description A double kick.
Demon's Wrath
Command BPlusKB->PX->KA->PY
Properties stagger (last hit)
Description A target combo that leaves the opponent staggered on the last hit, giving a tight window to follow with another hit from a quick enough move.
Reign of Terror
Command BPlusKB->PX->KA->KB
Properties special/super cancelable (last hit)
Description A target combo that on last hit can be either followed into a special/super cancel or into Blue Bolt ( PZ-> F-> PZ ).
Arc Shot
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile
Description Bluestreak charges up and unleashes an instant lightning beam.
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Knockdown (last hit)
Description Bluestreak's rekka special. Can unleash up to three more hits with a P button, finished with holding up.
Electromagnetic Burst
Command DDPlusP
Properties Knockdown
Description Bluestreak discharges an energy burst on his area for a duration dependend on the button strength of the command.
Batwing Revolver
Command File:FDDDF.gifPlusK
Properties Overhead (first hit), Knockdown (second hit)
Description A leaping double kick move.
Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Notes Can be done mid-air as well
Description Bluestreak does his variation on the hurricane kick. He morphs into his gargoyle form for the last hit of his non-aerial KC version
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Free Juggle, Grab (Electrocutioner)
Description A quick knockdown attack that provides a free juggle. On hit it can be further followed with Electrocutioner (HCFPlusK)
Shadow Kick
Command HCFPlusK
Properties Knockdown (final hit)
Description Bluestreak's shadow comes to life as a Gargoyle and does two Axe Kicks, finished with a final kick assisted by Bluestreak himself.
Command mid-air, QCFPlusP
Description Bluestreak stops his mid-air momentum and delivers a barrage of punches. Keep pressing the punch button to keep on punching, although Bluestreak can only punch for so long in a single move.

Super Moves

Arc Cannon
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites CVS2 Lv.1 super prerequisites
Properties Projectile, Knockdown (final hit)
Description Bluestreak transforms into his Gargoyle form and unleashes a multi-hit lightning beam.
Unfair Tatsumaki
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites CVS2 Lv.1 super prerequisites
Properties Knockdown
Description Bluestreak unleashes a series of kicks after saying INFINITE PRIORITY. The super comes out so fast he lets out his first kick within the very last frames of a superpause, so the only way the opponent can block the super is if one was already blocking by the time the superpause kicks in (a few frames into when the Super itself would get performed). The chip damage is also quite terrifying.
Zeus Major
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites CVS2 Lv.3 super prerequisites
Properties Knockdown
Description Bluestreak's series of punches make up his most powerful super move.

Other versions

A super deformed variation of the character exists for Mugen, with sprites provided by Balthazar and Diepod, coded by Johnny916


  1. The description on Buestreak (sic) Model Sheet from Diepod's DeviantArt page