Tnbeavissmall Beavis
One of randomized idle stances
Type Original
Author Name The_None
Origin Beavis & Butt-Head
Graphics Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release December 23rd, 2013
Mugen Version Seperate winmugen and 1.0 defs

Beavis by The_None is a custom sprited Mugen conversion of Beavis from Mike Judge's Beavis & Butt-Head series. The author - who was previously not known for custom content with good quality sprites - took on converting the character as a graphics practice for potentially more ambitious projects[1] and made a surprise on the english-speaking Mugen communities with a character whose high resolution sprites - made with a combination of vector and raster based graphics - are suprisingly faithful to the animation of the TV series [2]. With the addition of author's game design prowress, Beavis is one of The_None's most critically acclaimed mugen works.[3]



Command Moves

Ball Breaker
Command FPlusPX
Properties Massive frame advantage if used raw
Description Beavis does a split and does a groin-level punch. If used raw, hitting a non-aerial opponent puts him/her into a lengthy "crotch pain" state that would allow Beavis to follow it with at least a link of a basic combo.
Command FPlusKA
Properties Hits low, knockdown on the sliding hit.
Description Beavis does a headfist dive.
Mind Blowing Decisions
Command Mid-air, DPlusKB
Properties Knockdown, extra damage on a "head shot".
Description Beavis descends with an angled kick. Channeling the indie fighting game Dive Kick, hitting the opponent when Beavis's axis would be above the opponent's designated aproximate head position parameter results in a "head shot" that deals twice the damage.

Special Moves

Balls to the Wall
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Projectile, Hits Low when rolling on ground
Description Beavis brings out a bowling ball and throws as long as the kick button isn't held. The button strength determines how fast would the ball travel. Beavis would have to be cautious if using against opponents that would bounce the Ball back into beavis by hitting it.
M80 Stuffin
Command P while holding Balls to the Wall
Properties Projectile, Explosion is unblockable, OTG, Friendly Fire
Description Beavis stuffs his killer m80s into the bowling ball and goes back into the previous move, with a difference that the ball would explode after either rolling a while or getting hit. The ball thrown from this move can also rebound from walls. Extra causion is advised with using this move as the explosion can hurt Beavis.
Sweet Willy Rollbar
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Overhead, Projectiles
Description Beavis attaches fireworks into his feet and does an explosive variant of the Golden Heel Hurter that slams his opponent on hit. The sparks can hit aerial opponents if for minimal damage.
Command FDDFPlusP
Prerequisites A dropped chainsaw must not be on-screen
Properties Knockdown
Description Beavis brings out his chainsaw and depending on the strength of the command:
  • PX has Beavis lift his chainsaw upwards
  • PY has Beavis charges a bit (the button can be held to keep him running more for a while) before going into the PX version.

In a reference to Beavis's relatively weak strength, he can't use another Chainsaw move when the dropped chainsaw remains on-screen.

Violent Restitution
Command HCBPlusP
Prerequisites A dropped chainsaw must not be on-screen
Properties Overhead, Throw on initial hit
Description Beavis brings out his chainsaw and does an overhead slash, with the button strength determining the lag time of the slash. Hitting non-airborne opponents has him skin his opponent, during when the player can mash punch buttons to do more damage. The move is unblockable on point blank.

Super Moves

Be Aggressive
Command QCFPlusQCFPlusK
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown, upper body invincibility
Description Beavis gets some coffee and transforms into his Cornholio persona, wailing at his opponent.
The Flaming Shits of Leonard Cohen
Command QCFPlusQCFPlusP
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile
Description Beavis sets a Leonard Cohen CD on fire to throw a series of firey explosions with Cohen's face in them. Beavis can either attack alongside the fire trail or steer the projectile while holding the button, just be sure to not hold the spell for too long unless once fancies overheating.
Merry Go Bye Bye
Command QCBPlusQCBPlusP
Prerequisites Two power stock
Properties Knockdown, Unblockable, Throw
Description Beavis proceeds to squeeze his opponent to fit into his hand. Shall he succeed that, he;d then call Butt-Head to play Frog Baseball with the opponent as the ball. PX is used to have Beavis reflect the ball while PY has Butt-Head strike. The move would go on for as long as the "ball" remains mid-air or Butt-Head's baseball bat breaking off after a while.
Baby Don't Forget My Number
Command QCBPlusQCFPlusP
Prerequisites Three power stock
Properties Knockdown, projectile
Description Beavis brings his TV remote and tries to "channel change" the opponent. The bolt that comes out of the remote would cause the opponent to morph into Milli Vanilli's Rob Pilatus (in an appearance based of an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3) to Beavis's shock, until he realizes that he has the opportunity to kick the dancer in the nuts for massive damage.

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  3. Character of the Year Hall of Fame thread at Mugen Fighters Guild forums, with Beavis winning the 2013 award.