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Basara-kun cosplaying Space Dandy
Aliases Basara, B-kun

Years active 2003-
Status Active
Website Basara no MUGEN Page
Origin Chile
Influences Adamskie, Lord Sinistro

Basara-kun is a MUGEN creator that started in Mugen Hispania community and then established on MUGEN Fighters Guild until now. He's known for making a great variety of characters, since adaptations from classic/obscure/8-bit games to original chars. Some of his most famous characters are Eric (his first original character), Gai Tendou (adapted to MUGEN years before KOFXI), ClayFighter's Earthworm Jim, Shuma-Gorath and Scott Pilgrim. He's also known for his fullgame called Anti-Gouki Project, made full of Akuma characters with different moves.

Apart of Mugen Creator, he's also known for being a famous cosplayer in his native country, as can be seen in his picture above. Since 2015 he's in charge of Guild Database in absence of Nunor, creator of the Database.





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