"There's one character that is just like super, super super powered that just shoots Barakas out of him, as one of his supers, while there's an audio sample that just says Barack Obama over and over again (...) So like when they get inventive like that it's ssssuper fucking fascinating."
—GiantBomb's video game journalist Jeff GerstmannGiant Bombcast 8-6-2013. Archived here
Spor alteramiba Alter Amiba
Bpor alteramiba
Thomas Crnkovich (as he appeared in Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.) as Alter Amiba
Type Edit
Author Name MelvanaInChains
Updated By The_None on December 2nd, 2011
Edit base Oki's Amiba
Graphics Origin Hokuto No Ken
AI? Yes
Date of first public release August 14th, 2011
Version December 2nd, 2011
Mugen Version separate def files for winMUGEN and 1.0

Alter Amiba is a custom character first conceived by MelvanaInChains that later became a collaboration with The_None, with the latter giving him smoother gameplay, even more zaniness and his now-signature tough brand of AI.


Amiba was once a minion of the 'great' Raoh/Ken-Oh/whatever. Raoh one day got very hungry.

"Go fetch me a sandwich, Amiba."

After several really unfunny cracks about women making sandwiches in kitchens, Amiba set off to get the ruler some lunch. But to no avail.

"I'm sorry, Ken-Oh, there isn't a sandwich LEFT in this town!"

Raoh was about to explain that he could easily just make him one, but he thought it would be funnier if he just kicked him in the groin instead. Amiba rolled around in pain as his ruler walked away in the most badass-yet-somehow-cliche-considering-the-HNK-series way. He saw nothing but red. Then he woke up one day. All his skills forgotten, but replaced with new ones. His brain must've been scrambled or something. Odd voices were coming out of him. For some reason he kept making dick jokes.

He then named himself 'Alter Amiba', the meaning of this nickname unknown to even himself. Will Amiba ever be saved? No, because then he became sane again and got killed by Kenshiro.

(Taken from the readme file)


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His mental state still in a crisis, Amiba continued his various transformations until he eventually overcame all of his unsuspecting opponents, even if a good majority of them were absurdly powerful.

However he was still losing his sense of humanity and self as the voices still came out of him, and eventually he overloaded with so many personalities that he had destroyed himself. Somehow immediately after, he was returned to a point in time when he faced Kenshiro.

The fight as it seemed, resulted just the same despite the turn of events triggered by Raoh. He was still defeated by Kenshiro, his hands would still come to be mutilated, and he would still walk off of a cliff to his own death. As he fell, he damned destiny itself for wasting his time and life.

(Unused ending)


That kick to the balls Amiba received has granted him a plethora of new moves and combo potential... and some possible brain damage along with it. His new abilities can prove to be surprisingly devastating to his opponents with proper usage. Overall he's a well-rounded fighter with a battle style that relies more on his mixups and unpredictability to cash in on the opponent's mistakes compared to total rushdown.

One of the new skills Amiba has acquired is the ability to perform air throws, a technique he was originally incapable of doing. Regarding his moves, his backdash is a key asset thanks to its follow-ups that further expand Amiba's mixup game. His roll special can also find use in stuffing through enemy attacks, and a few of his moves can even pierce through an opponent's guard, creating prime opportunities for Amiba to inflict some real pain onto them.

Unfortunately said brain damage has screwed up his jumping prowess somewhat, and he won't be jumping as high as he used to, even with old school jumps. And Amiba mustn't be reckless with his newfangled powers; a fair amount of his moves (especially his projectiles) are exceptionally punishable to him if he whiffs due to their slow recovery.


Command Moves

Double Slap from Down Under
Command DFPlusPX
Description Alter Amiba delivers two swift slaps from below onto the opponent.
Command FPlusKA
Properties Hard Knockdown
Description Amiba slashes through his opponent, sending them to the other side of the screen.
Old-school jumps
Command DPlusKC
Description Using an old-school jumping technique, Amiba leaps up with a low gravity jump that gives him slightly more time mid-air than his regular jumps.

Special Moves

Shining Star For You To See (What Your Life Can Truly Be)
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile, Soft Knockdown (PY only)
Description Alter Amiba shoots out a projectile, he only enters his recovery state after the projectile is no longer present on-screen. The light punch version is slower, and the hard version causes knockdown.
Trivia The projectile's sprites are actually an unused fireball special move for the character Pyron from Darkstalkers.
The Back'ander
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Hard Knockdown, Wallslam, Overhead (PY only)
Description Alter Amiba does a slap that wires the opponent into the wall on hit. The PY version increases lag time in favor of making the slap an overhead hitter along with decreasing its recovery.
I just don't care anymore
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Soft Knockdown, Invincibility Frames
Description Alter Amiba does an awkward roll attack that consists of a single frame of him crouching being rotated clockwise, with Amiba facepalming at the end upon realizing how silly the move looked. PY hits later but travels a tad further.
Shang Tsung AI Omegapsycho style
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Backdash, Invincibility Frames
Description Jokingly named after Omegapsycho Shang Tsung AI's tendency to go backwards like a coward, Alter Amiba does a backwards dash with invincibility frames somewhat similar to a Dandy Step. It can be followed up by another attack depending on the button pressed. The follow-ups are:
  • Kotick's Pizzeria - PX - which launches a pizza-themed projectile into the skies, and is a guard breaking attack.
  • a carbon copy of standing hard kick except overhead for some reason - KA - which has Alter Amiba perform... well, the title says it all. (It's a launcher kick that strikes overhead)
  • STEP ASIDE - PY - which is a dash punch that wallslams any opponent in the way.
  • dumbass dash - KB - which has Alter Amiba slip like a dumbass during his dash making it a low-hitting sweep.
Freakin Rip Off Of Liu Kang
Command Mid-Air, QCFPlusK
Properties Hard Knockdown, Wallslam, Overhead
Description Amiba transforms into a stock photo and does a flying dash kick. On hit, it kicks the opponent into the wall. Since it's an overhead attack, it's unblockable mid-air.
Trivia The name of this move originates from a poorly done review of the game Tattoo Assassins by someone who repeatedly annoyed Melvana and his friends by constantly complaining about the game being a "freakin' ripoff" of Mortal Kombat, with the rockstar character Derek O'Toole being derided as "fricking Liu Kang as a rocker." solely on account of his red bandana.

Super Moves

Uwaraba Smash
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Hard Knockdown, Overhead, Groundslam, OTG
Notes Can also be done mid-air
Description Alter Amiba performs a diving crossbody attack that slams the opponent into the ground. This move has a much bigger hitbox if used mid-air.
Amiba's Reaction To Obama's Victory
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectile, Soft Knockdown, OTG
Description Alter Amiba launches some Barakas at his opponent while a glitched audio sample of Barack Obama's inauguration is played. The startup frames before Amiba launches the Baraka stampede can deal damage if performed up close.
Just one of many mock albums.
Yoso Sankaku Kyaku
Command QCBQCBPlusK
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Hard Knockdown, Guard Breaker, Overhead
Notes Can also be done mid-air
Description One of the original Amiba's signature moves from the Hokuto no Ken series and is by and large mostly unaltered. Alter Amiba jumps away from the screen to do a dive kick. Upon hit, a mock music album art featuring the two pops up. If the opponent tries to block this move, the move will break through their guard and stun them temporarily, giving Alter Amiba a chance to score some free hits.
Duke Nukem Forever as it should had been
Command QCBHCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least three power stocks (maximum amount)
Properties Throw, Hard Knockdown, High-Blockable
Description Alter Amiba does a double palm strike which if it connects, inserts the opponent into a scene from Die Hard 2 with the opponent overlaid onto Dulles Chief of Police Carmine Lorenzo, who John McLane is testing his now-not-blanks on. It then ends with a Back'ander from Alter Amiba.
Trivia The move is based off this video that claimed to showcase gameplay footage from Duke Nukem Forever (unreleased at the time of the video's upload), but instead showed a scene from Die Hard 2, with the audio heavily edited.
See how it ends for yourself.
Amiba Liddel 34
Command QCFQCFPlusPZ
Prerequisites At least three power stocks (maximum amount), Opponent's health must be below 50%
Properties Instant KO, Invincibility Frames
Description Alter Amiba performs a dash punch and lays a smackdown on the opponent if it connects. How the move ends truly has to be seen to be believed.
Trivia Attempting to perform this move in Training Mode is... disadvised.

Strongly disadvised.


  • He's been notably named by a video game journalist and GiantBomb co-founder Jeff Gertsmann who even described the Amiba's Reaction To Obama's Victory super move on the podcast, as per quote above. He approved the character on his blog after the author discovered the recognition.[2]
  • Both this character and Ghetto Warmachine are fan favorites among SaltyBet viewers and Salty himself. At one point they had a match against each other, archived here.
  • His portrait is that of Rembrandt from the Troma film Sgt Kabukiman NYPD (played by Thomas Crnkovich).
  • Pitting the character against Omega Tiger Woods, has the latter's owner sprouting an intro quote that is a reference to one of Reggie Dyson's lines.


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